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Module 10: Lessons in Working with Adolescents from Sexual Reproductive Health Programs (ANA-M10)

The sexual reproductive health (SRH) global community has years of experience working with, and reaching, adolescents. There is a growing body of evidence from this sector pointing to interventions and approaches that work and ones that do not, as well as key challenges and opportunities to implementing programs. These lessons can help inform where and how to invest resources for adolescent nutrition.

Key learning points:
• Five challenges from experiences from adolescent SRH programming
• Lessons learned from SRH programs and their implications for adolescent nutrition programming
• Value of youth responsive services and four characteristics of youth-friendly health services
• Examples of applying lessons through a case study of Nutrition International’s Nutrition Leverage and Influence for Transformation (NLIFT) model, as well as examples integrating SRH and nutrition

Estimated completion time: 20 minutes
  • Module 10: Watch and Learn
  • Module 10: Learning Assessment
  • Module 10: References
  • Module 10: Video Script
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 10: Watch and Learn, Module 10: Learning Assessment"