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Module 9: Nutrition International’s Adolescent Nutrition Programs (ANA-M09)

Since 1993, Nutrition International, formerly Micronutrient Initiative has evolved into a leader in supporting countries and partners to implement effective nutrition programs. Find out how Nutrition International collaborates with partners to support the implementation of adolescent nutrition programs in 10 countries across Africa and Asia.

Key learning points:
• Overview of Nutrition International's adolescent nutrition programs
• The key components of Nutrition International's programs and how Nutrition International works
• NI's approach to supporting governments with adolescent nutrition programs
• Case study: the West Java multi-sectoral anaemia reduction demonstration project
• Nutrition International’s experiences implementing the WHO WIFAS guideline and the lessons learned from supporting national policies to program implementation
• Experience and lessons learned from working with governments in delivering WIFAS and nutrition education at school
• The importance and challenges associated with providing WIFAS to out-of-school girls
• Gender equality consideration for adolescent nutrition
• Case study: Youth inclusive data collection in Nutrition International’s Adolescent Nutrition Project in Ethiopia
• Insights from Nutrition International's formative research with adolescent girls

Estimated completion time: 35 minutes
  • Module 9: Watch and Learn
  • Module 9: Learning Assessment
  • Module 9: References
  • Module 9: Video Script
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 9: Watch and Learn, Module 9: Learning Assessment"