Adolescents' and Women's Health and Nutrition → Adolescent Nutrition and Anaemia Course

Module 8: Partnerships and Programs to Improve Adolescent Nutrition (ANA-M08)

Partnerships and delivery platforms provide the means through which adolescents can be reached with nutrition and health programs and services. Learn about a variety of programs and projects being implemented around the world to improve nutrition and reduce micronutrient deficiencies in adolescents, and to increase adolescents’ understanding of their own growth, development and nutrition. The module will reflect on best practices and lessons learned.

Key learning points:
• Effective delivery platforms for adolescent nutrition interventions with a focus on weekly iron folic acid supplementation (WIFAS)
• Purpose and outcomes of the WIFAS review
• WIFAS programs that targeted adolescent girls and women of reproductive age
• Peer-to-peer strategies used to reach out-of-school girls
• Community delivery and community mobilization strategies used in WIFAS programs
• 10 Best practices in Asia WIFAS programs for reducing anaemia prevalence in women of reproductive age

Estimated completion time: 25 minutes
  • Module 8: Watch and Learn
  • Module 8: Learning Assessment
  • Module 8: References
  • Module 8: Video Script
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 8: Watch and Learn, Module 8: Learning Assessment"