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Module 6: Global Guidelines and Guidance for Improving Adolescent Nutrition (ANA-M06)

Until 2018, very few global nutrition guidelines existed specifically for adolescents. This module will review eight evidence-based nutrition interventions and policies for adolescents by the World Health Organization (WHO) and consider the gaps where further research is warranted.

Key learning points:
• Available global nutrition guidance and guidelines for adolescents
• WHO's guidance and guidelines for the promotion of healthy diets for adolescents
• Guidelines for food fortification and supplements as a means of providing micronutrients to adolescents
• WHO's five guidelines on risk of anaemia that apply to adolescents at different ages
• Forms of malnutrition and where to access resources on how to identify, assess and manage adolescent malnutrition
• Guidance available for adolescents relating to a safe and hygienic environment
• WHO's guidelines for physical activities for children (up to 17) and adolescents (18-19)
• Reasons for gaps in guidelines and guidance in adolescent nutrition as well as areas in which further research is needed

Estimated completion time: 20 minutes
  • Module 6: Watch and Learn
  • Module 6: Learning Assessment
  • Module 6: References
  • Module 6: Video Script
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 6: Watch and Learn, Module 6: Learning Assessment"