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Module 4: The Role of Iron in the Body, Dietary Recommendations, and Sources and Bioavailability (ANA-M04)

Iron plays a vital role in human physiology. Deepen your understanding of how iron supports growth and development and review examples of iron-rich foods, as well as strategies for ensuring iron is absorbed optimally.

Key learning points:
• The functional role of iron in growth and development
• The structural role of iron in growth and development
• Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and the different RDAs for boys and girls at varying ages
• Forms of iron (heme and non-heme) and factors that influence its absorption and fractional absorption
• Sources of heme and non-heme iron
• Enhancers and inhibitors of absorption for non-heme iron

Estimated completion time: 15 minutes
  • Module 4: Watch and Learn
  • Module 4: Learning Assessment
  • Module 4: References
  • Module 4: Video Transcript
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 4: Watch and Learn, Module 4: Learning Assessment"